For Youth

“Young people need a way to discover their talents and understand the importance of helping others. The LAPD Cadet Program provides opportunities for both.”
— Chief Charlie Beck

For Parents

The links provided below are designed to act as a resource to not only LAPD Youth Programs, but also to other sites which will help both you and your teenager with topics ranging from managing money to selecting and paying for college to finally figuring out what IMO* means.

*IMO means “In My Opinion”

The Mint – For Parents This site provides tips and tools for teaching money literacy and helps parents develop their ability to model good financial habits.

Princeton Review This website is definitely a place to visit if you want to get to know everything college related. It offers the opportunity to check out many schools and careers through their information links, it offers all sorts of information on all tests that will be needed when you decide that you will be attending college. It also has a bunch of links to financial aid websites that will help you receive all the aid that you will need. I also know that this is the site where you will be registering for the ACT which is an alternative to the SAT.

College Board- This will become a regular website that juniors and seniors visit. If you’re a freshmen or sophomore you should also become familiar with this site. You should maybe even start looking at it and maybe even visiting it regularly to at least answer the SAT question of the day. Yes, this site is everything SAT. They also cover a variety of other college prep things, but the SAT is what they are most associated with. When you want to register, prepare, or even just get to know the SAT this is the site that you will visit. Once you have taken the SAT’s this is also the site where you will be able to see your scores. Remember to keep this site handy as it will be needed during your high school years.

FAFSA – Financial Aid – Now this is where you will file your federal financial aid form. This is the site that you must visit at least twice during high school. Once to receive a pin number for you and your parents and then again once your parents have filed their income tax returns the last January that you are in high school. It is important for all high school students to know of the existence of this website for it will be probably their main source for aid. You are sure to receive at least one grant for college here. Don’t overlook this website and don’t think that it’s not for you if you’re a well-off student. It’s for everyone and everyone needs to apply.

Scholarships Turn Minutes Into MONEY.  In just a few minutes, you can find dozens of college scholarships you qualify for that you probably never heard of before! FREE!  Millions of students of all ages have benefited from this free service and you can be next. Search 2.7 million local, state and national college scholarships and grants worth over 19 billion dollars.

Los Angeles Police Department – Community Youth Program